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Back to the Future


Our path now leads us back to the roots. For minimal processing of our orchards and vineyards. To slow down production.


"The less you do, Bua, the less you have to do !"

Friedrich König on the cultivation of orchards and vineyards



The first step was the Demeter conversion, which opened up a new horizon for us. In our opinion, Rudolf Steiner's teachings describe the right way to gently cultivate our plants and to strengthen the farm organism.

For this we work with animal and herbal preparations, which we apply according to the moon phase and the season. A small addition of copper (approx. 2kg / ha / year) and sulfur help us to deal with the difficult climatic conditions in our region.

Slowing down soil cultivation is also important to us in order to preserve enough living space for animals and insects. We have therefore decided against mulching and went for mowing (once a year).


The natural juices come unfiltered and without additives, cold-filled, in the bottle.


The ripest Packham pears are pressed and ferment filled in the bottle for our BirnNat. With the "Methode petillant naturell" we try to go the most natural way in sparkling wine. The connection with cherry and quince creates a unique world of taste.


Thanks to our natural processing in the vineyard, we enjoy around 2000-3000kg of grapes per hectare every year.

In the wine cellar, the spontaneously fermented wines lie in used oak barrels and amphoras for 2 to 3 years.

Without pumping, it is then filled directly from the barrel with its own pressure.


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